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Bridgestone has extended its sport tyre line-up with the launch of the Potenza S001 for top sports cars and high-powered luxury vehicles. Reliving the motor-sport heritage of Potenza tyres, the S001 is designed to give the world’s most powerful sports models even sportier handling and higher efficiency than the current Potenza RE050(A) it complements. With factory fitments on the Aston Martin Rapide and Ferrari 458 Italia, the Potenza S001 clearly meets the challenging demands of both heavier luxury sports cars and the new breed of lighter, extreme sport models.

Semi-Slick Center Rib
Slick-style center rib improves the handling response of the steering center.

[NEW] 60° Slanted Lug
Block sipes are positioned a 60° angle, with the same effect as the nose of an F1 racing car. Block rigidity has been optimized, improving both traction and braking performance.

Block and Slick Combination
Lateral grooves improve traction and braking. The combined with slick areas, reduces wear on the inside edge and guards against becoming unbalanced with the outside edge.

GUTT II Simulation Straight Grooves
With GUTT II Simulation the alignment, thickness and configuration of the straight grooves significantly reduce the risk of hydroplaning.

[NEW] Multi-Performance Block
The outside block, which takes most of the load when cornering, has been enlarged and reinforced to improve both wet and dry handling.

Product Features



Reducing the Potenza RE050’s four main grooves down to three enables a larger block on the tyre’s outside edge. This, combined with the new “Multi-Performance Block” and “60° Slant Lug”, enables improved handling and braking performance in both wet and dry conditions.





f458Potenza S001 is the designed tyre for factory installation on the biggest names in high-performance cars. This is testimony to the outstandingly superior performance and quality that its developers strived to achieve.


Utilizing the Silent AC Block used in Turanza GR90, Potenza S001 is a sports tyre that is designed with noise reduction in mind. Strengthened casing imporves handling and ensures a ride that is as comfortable as it appropriately sporty for high performance cars.


A lighter construction design brings a reduction in rolling resistance compared to the Potenza RE050


Product Sizes

20″ 097Y 305/25 R20 XL
093Y 285/25 R20 XL
099Y 305/30ZR20
101Y 295/30 R20 XL
099Y 285/30 R20 XL
097Y 275/30 R20 XL
092Y 255/30 R20 XL
090Y 245/30 R20 XL
088Y 235/30 R20 XL
106Y 315/35 R20
105Y 295/35ZR20 XL
102Y 275/35 R20 XL
095Y 265/35ZR20
097Y 255/35 R20 XL
095Y 245/35 R20 XL
088Y 235/35ZR20
101Y 255/40ZR20 XL
095Y 245/40 R20
095W 215/45 R20 XL

19″ 094Y 315/25 R19
102Y 305/30 R19 XL
100Y 295/30 R19 XL
098Y 285/30 R19 XL
096Y 275/30 R19 XL
093Y 265/30 R19 XL
091Y 255/30 R19 XL
19″ 099Y 285/35 R19
100Y 275/35 R19 XL
098Y 265/35 R19 XL
096Y 255/35 R19 XL
093Y 245/35 R19 XL
091Y 235/35 R19 XL
088Y 225/35 R19 XL
103Y 285/40 R19
105Y 275/40 R19 XL
100Y 255/40 R19 XL
098Y 245/40 R19 XL
096W 235/40 R19 XL
093Y 225/40 R19 XL
098Y 245/45 R19
095W 235/45 R19
096Y 225/45 R19 XL

18″ 101Y 285/35 R18 XL
099Y 275/35 R18 XL
097Y 265/35 R18 XL
094Y 255/35 R18 XL
092Y 245/35 R18 XL
087W 225/35 R18 XL
103Y 275/40 R18 XL
101Y 265/40 R18 XL
099Y 255/40 R18 XL
097Y 245/40 R18 XL
095Y 235/40 R18 XL
092Y 225/40 R18 XL
089Y 215/40 R18 XL
18″ 103Y 255/45 R18 XL
100Y 245/45 R18 XL
095Y 225/45 R18 XL
093Y 215/45 R18 XL
100W 245/50 R18
101Y 235/50 R18 XL
095W 225/50 R18

17″ 098Y 255/40 R17 XL
091Y 245/40 R17
087W 215/40 R17 XL
084Y 205/40 R17 XL
099Y 245/45 R17 XL
097Y 235/45 R17 XL
094Y 225/45 R17 XL
091Y 215/45 R17 XL
088Y 205/45 R17 XL
096Y 235/50 R17
098Y 225/50 R17 XL
093Y 205/50 R17 XL
099V 235/55 R17
101Y 225/55 R17 XL
094W 215/55 R17
091Y 205/55 R17

16″ 096W 225/50 R16 XL
099W 225/55 R16 XL
094W 205/55 R16 XL