T005A perf chart
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Experience a quieter, safer and smoother journey. The new TURNAZA T005A is engineered with Bridgestone’s advanced technology to take care of your needs on the road. When you journey with the world’s most trusted tyre brand, you know you’ll always arrive at your best.

Turanza Features


With minimal tyre noise, you can relax in total peace or stay completely focused on the journey ahead.


Less to worry, more to enjoy. The new TURANZA T005A is designed to provide a better grip on roads to keep you safe, especially in wet conditions.


Enjoy a more comfortable and more stable drive on highways with vibrations and road noise.


T005A explaination


1. Variable Pitch

Randomised pitch variation is applied to each tread block (the inside shoulder, centre and outside shoulder) to reduce pattern noise.

2. High-Angle Sipes

The angle of the sipes to the contact line has been fine-tuned to soften tyre impact on the road, leading to a less pronounced pattern noise.

high-angle sipes


3. Chamfering

Rounded sipe edges prevent tyre deformation and ensure a flat contact with the road, improving braking performance.


wet braking


4. Optimised Contact Shape

Improved design ensures the tyre applies consistent contact pressure on the road, reducing shock and impact noise for better comfort.

contact shape

5. Reinforced Sidewall

A stiffer sidewall (except for tyres with a low aspect ratio) reduces damping and improves comfort.

reinforced sidewall

6. New Compound

Nano Pro-TechTM and a compound agent are used to strengthen the bond between silica and polymer, increasing their contact area. This reduces heat generation and energy loss, leading to better wet performance.

new compound

20″ 102W 275/35R20 XL *
097W 255/35R20 XL *
104W 265/40R20 XL *
099W 245/40R20 XL *

19″ 100W 275/35R19 XL
087W 235/35R19 *
088W 225/35R19 XL *
101W 275/40R19
100W 255/40R19 XL
094W 245/40R19
100W 255/45R19
098W 245/45R19

18″ 093W 265/35R18
093W 245/40R18
088W 225/40R18
103W 275/45R18
103W 255/45R18 XL
100W 245/45R18 XL *
096W 245/45R18
098W 235/45R18 XL
091W 225/45R18
100W 245/50R18
101W 235/50R18 XL
092V 215/50R18 *

17″ 095W 245/45R17
097W 235/45R17 XL
091W 225/45R17
091W 215/45R17 XL
096W 235/50R17
094W 225/50R17
091W 215/50R17
099W 235/55R17
097W 225/55R17
094W 215/55R17
096H 215/60R17 *

16″ 084V 195/50R16 *
095V 225/55R16
093V 215/55R16
091V 205/55R16
087V 195/55R16
083V 185/55R16 *
100W 235/60R16 *
098V 225/60R16
099V 215/60R16 XL *
095V 215/60R16
092V 205/60R16
089H 195/60R16 *
098V 215/65R16 *
095V 205/65R16

15″ 085V 195/55R15
082V 185/55R15 *
091V 205/60R15
088V 195/60R15
084V 185/60R15
096V 215/65R15 *
094V 205/65R15
091V 195/65R15
088V 185/65R15
084H 175/65R15 *

14″ 082V 185/60R14 *
086H 185/65R14
082H 175/65R14 *

* Coming soon.