Techno Sport



Techno Sport - Gear Up for a Sytlish Drive

Product Concept

Stand out from the rest with stylish lightning groove tread pattern that commands attention whenever you drive, and feel the control your car has over the road.

Product Features

Techno Sports Pattern

Stand Out in Style with Confident Driving

1. Lightning Groove

Lightning groove improve drainage and traction
The lightning groove pattern has much more than its impressive looks. It helps disperse water away from the tyres and provides increased traction.

pink Improved Drainage

blue Traction


2. 3D Triangle Block

3D Triangle Block 3D triangular block creates a more constant contact patch, while large size block makes a sharper initial response that contributes to better handling performnace.

A Stylish Drive on a Pleasant Journey

3. 5-Pitch Variable Block


On top of the aggressive look, the inner and outer blocks of the tyre tread both use a combination of 5 separate block pitches arranged in a random sequence on tread pattern around the circumference to spread the noise frequency range, minimising road noise for a quiet ride.

Assured Quality with Advanced Technology

4. FCP Tyre Profile

FCP Tyre Profile

Techno Sports and MY-02 are constructed with Flat Contact Patch (FCP) design, which is more squared off at the shoulders to reduce irregular wear by preventing tyre deformation due to side-slips when cornering, offering longer wear life.

5. Built for Strength

Envelope Carcass

The inner envelope carcass is built with strength to maximise tyre durability against external shocks.

[Note: Envelope carcass used in all 55 series and below, and in 60 series and above for some sizes.]

Product Sizes

18″ 092W 225/40 R18 XL
089W 215/40 R18 XL
100W 245/45 R18 XL
095V 225/45 R18 XL
095W 225/50 R18

17″ 087W 215/40 R17 XL
084V 205/40 R17 XL
094V 225/45 R17 XL
091V 215/45 R17 XL
088V 205/45 R17 XL
095V 215/50 R17 XL
093V 205/50 R17 XL
17″ 101V 225/55 R17 XL
094V 215/55 R17

083V 205/45 R16
087V 205/50 R16
084V 195/50 R16
091V 205/55 R16
087V 195/55 R16
083V 185/55 R16

15″ 082V 195/50 R15
091V 195/65 R15