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Using the next generation Runflat Technology, achieving comfort comparable to normal tire without losing durability.

Product Concept


1. Even when the tire loses air, the car can be driven for up to 80km at 80km/hr (ISO technical standard).

2. Riding comfort comparable to normal tire

3. Similar to POTENZA S001 (normal tire), POTENZA S001 RFT provides excellent dry & wet performance.


Product Features


▌New Sidewall-reinforced Rubber

Through the “NanoPro-TechTM“, a new sidewall-reinforced rubber with improved carbon dispersion reduces friction occurring between carbon molecules when the tire is loaded thereby reducing heat generation. Compared with sidewall-reinforced rubber of previous Runflat Technology tires, NanoPro-Tech can reduce heat gernation that occurs due to the deformation of tire sidewalls during run-flat driving (when driving on tires that have lost air pressure) by 50%. S001RFT-04
Previous polyer Functionalized polymer
S001RFT-05 S001RFT-06
When the tire is loaded, friction between carbon molecules generate heat. Improved carbon dispersion reduces friction occurring between carbon molecules when the tire is loaded, thereby reducing hear generation.

▌ COOLING FIN TM technology

COOLING FIN technology features protrusions, which face toward the center of the wheel, on the surface of tire sidewalls in order to create disturbances in the airflow and thereby cool the tire. The technology helps to cool sidewall heat generated when driving on tires that have lost air pressure. S001RFT-08
COOLING FINTM Appearance Cooling Airflow
S001RFT-09 S001RFT-10
With raised surface (FIN) encourages airflow downward thereby cool the tire surface.
(If there is no raised surface, no cooling will occur)
Temperature Effect of “COOLING FIN”
S001RFT-11 S001RFT-12

▌ More Comfortable Ride

Reduced vertical tire stiffness compare to previous RFT, so riding comfort has improved.

Tire Vertical Stiffness (index)


Product Sizes

20″ 101Y 295/35ZR20
102Y 275/35 F20 XL MOE
097Y 255/35 F20 XL
088Y 235/35ZR20
099Y 245/40 F20 XL MOE

19″ 096W 275/35 F19
096Y 255/35 R19 XL
092Y 255/35 R19
088Y 225/35 R19 XL
101Y 275/40 F19
094W 245/40 F19
093Y 225/40 R19 XL
089Y 225/40 R19
098Y 245/45 F19
092W 225/45 R19

18″ 090W 255/35 F18
088Y 245/35 R18
099W 275/40 F18
093W 245/40 F18
092Y 225/40 R18 XL
088W 225/40 F18
088Y 225/40 R18
095Y 255/40 R18
096W 245/45 F18
091W 225/45 F18
091Y 225/45 R18
100Y 245/50 F18
095W 225/50 F18

17″ 094W 255/40 F17
091W 245/40 R17
095W 245/45 F17
091W 225/45 F17
087W 215/45 F17
084W 205/45 F17
094W 225/50 F17
089W 205/50 R17
097Y 225/55 F17

16″ 092W 225/50 F16
087V 195/55 F16
091V 205/55 F16