POTENZA Adrenalin RE004
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POTENZA Adrebalin RE004 - Don't Just Take Corners. Rule Them.

Take to the streets with the new Bridgestone Potenza RE004 and discover the thrill of driving. With amazing handling and high responsiveness in sharp turn-ins, you’ll feel the road more acutely while enjoying greater stability and control. This isn’t just a tyre that’s built for drivers; it’s a tyre that’s built for the drive.

Product Concept

Designed for Control, Engineered to Precision

Bridgestone’s new street sports tyre with superior handling and stability.

Product Features

POTENZA Adrenalin RE004 - A-Shape


Aggressive and dynamic thread patterns don’t just deliver great looks – they also deliver superb handling.

POTENZA Adrenalin RE004 - Triple & Half Grooves


Take corners and brake with more confidence and control on both wet and dry road surfaces.

POTENZA Adrenalin RE004 - Wide Inside Rib


Stiffens instantaneously in reaction to road conditions for greater driving pleasure.

POTENZA Adrenalin RE004 - Connecting Blocks


High speed doesn’t have to mean low control. With a stiff shoulder block, tyre sensitivity is increased while excessive movement is reduced.

Performance Chart

RE004 Radar Chart

Test Location : Thai Bridgestone Proving Ground
Tyre Size : 225/40R18 92W XL
Vehicle : Honda Civic 1.5 Turbo (16MY)
Rim : 18 x 8J Pressure : 220 Kpa


Product Sizes

20″ 097W 275/30 R20 XL
095W 245/35 R20 XL

19″ 100W 275/35 R19 XL
093W 245/35 R19 XL

18″ 097W 265/35 R18 XL
094W 255/35 R18 XL
097W 245/40 R18 XL
095W 235/40 R18 XL
092W 225/40 R18 XL
103W 255/45 R18 XL
100W 245/45 R18 XL
095W 225/45 R18 XL
093W 215/45 R18 XL
101W 235/50 R18 XL
100W 235/55 R18

17″ 091W 245/40 R17
084W 205/40 R17 XL
099W 245/45 R17 XL
097W 235/45 R17 XL
094W 225/45 R17 XL
091W 215/45 R17 XL
088W 205/45 R17 XL
081W 195/45 R17
098W 225/50 R17 XL
095W 215/50 R17 XL
093W 205/50 R17 XL
103W 235/55 R17 XL
101W 225/55 R17 XL
094W 215/55 R17

16″ 087W 205/45 R16 XL
084W 195/45 R16 XL
074V 165/45 R16 XL
087W 205/50 R16
084V 195/50 R16
075V 165/50 R16
097W 215/55 R16 XL
091W 205/55 R16

15″ 073V 165/50 R15
085W 195/55 R15
075V 165/55 R15

14″ 072V 165/55 R14