The Fastest: POTENZA RE-71RS (with Petrol Coupon)

RE71RS News

BRIDGESTONE is launching the a historically fastest street racing tyre – POTENZA RE-71RS in April 2020. Since the birth in in 1979, POTENZA has become the world renounce sport tyre for Bridgestone. POTENZA has continued to be selected as the original equipment for world famous super car. It has also permeated the racing world with many winnings. The naming of RE-71RS is suffixed with the letter R & S. R represents racing and S represents second or sport. That means RE-71RS is inheriting the performance and passion of the “RE71” and “RE-71R“.

The new POTENZA RE-71RS is designed with the same advance technology which Bridgestone use in the development of motor sports tyres. A high grip compound is applied on the tyre tread to improve ground contact with the road surface. Also, “ULTIMAT EYE” , a Bridgestone’s patented technology, is used to optimizes the tread pattern and tyre shape to ensure the maximum contact area during vehicle turning.

By optimizing the asymmetrical tyre pattern and asymmetrical tyre shape, RE-71RS has not only just achieved a high level of grip and controllability on dry roads, which is important for circuit driving, but has also achieved longer wear life. Comparing to the previous well-received tyre RE-71R, the fastest lap time on the circuit has been reduced by 2.0%, and the wear life has been improved by 5.0%.

In conclusion, RE-71RS inherited the best of POTENZA, creating an entirely new standard for high performance street tyre. To experience the fastest tyre for street driving, or even circuit racing, please go and purchase the tyre at tyre service shops which carry genuine imported Bridgestone tyre.

POTENZA RE-71RS will has a total of 41 sizes available. For two months period from 1st April 2020 until 31st May 2020*, customer will get a HK$100 petrol coupon for each purchase of 2 pieces of 15”-16” RE-71RS and will get a HK$200 petrol coupon for each purchase of 2 pieces of 17”-20” RE-71RS. If there is any enquiry, please contact through the webpage or call Tong Seng Company at our telephone number 25256313.

* This promotion is only valid for the purchase of genuine import tyre at Hong Kong and Macau. Please look for the genuine import label when purchasing Bridgestone tyre.

[For Macau customer, please refer to addition <instructions>.]

【DATA】POTENZA RE-71RS Function and Technology

(1)Applied Technology

RE71RS Pattern Explanation

(2)Test Result

①《Dry Road》Comparison of Fastest Lap Time

RE71RS Fastest Lap Time

②《Dry Road》Comparison of Average Lap Time

①②[Test Conditions]
・Location:Tsukuba Circuit 2km course
・SUBARU BRZ(Model:DBA-ZC6, 2,000cc rear-wheel drive)
・Tyre Sizes:265 / 35R18 97W XL ( Air Pressure: 200kPa )

③ Tyre Wear Life Comparison

③[Test Conditions]
・Toyota 86 ( Model: DBA-ZN6, 2,000cc rear-wheel drive )
・Tyre Size: 215 / 45R17 91W XL ( Air Pressure: 240kPa )
・Test Distance:8,000 km

Available Sizes

103W 285/35 R19 XL
096W 275/35 R19
096W 255/35 R19 XL
093W 245/35 R19 XL
091W 235/35 R19 XL
088W 225/35 R19 XL
098W 245/40 R19 XL
093W 285/30 R18
095W 275/35 R18
097W 265/35 R18 XL
094W 255/35 R18 XL
097W 245/40 R18 XL
095W 235/40 R18 XL
092W 225/40 R18 XL
089W 215/40 R18 XL
098W 255/40 R17 XL
091W 245/40 R17
090W 235/40 R17
087W 215/40 R17 XL
092V 225/50 R16
084V 195/50 R16
091V 205/55 R16
087V 195/55 R16
086V 205/50 R15
082V 195/50 R15
073V 165/50 R15
085V 195/55 R15
082V 185/55 R15
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